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Post by Dr. Corday » Mon Aug 05, 2013 6:53 am

What is AAR Central’s Gameography? Every so often I’m going to go into my list of neglected games and give it attention. Each ‘episode’ of Gameography will have four sticky posts at the beginning of it's thread:

:arrow: The first post will contain information about the subject game – who made it, where to get it (if you still can), patches, mods, etc.

:arrow: The second post will contain information on how I got it to run (if I can) if it’s an old game.

:arrow: The third post will be my review of the game.

:arrow: The fourth post will be an AAR of the game.

You, of course, are invited to join the discussion. Who knows, I might pick a game you’ve also neglected!
The original post about Gameography can be found here.
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